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Guide to Humidifiers

Dry eyes, nosebleeds and itchy skin are uncomfortable symptoms you may experience from dry air. As the seasons change and the air begins to turn cold, dryness starts to creep in. Adding moisture to your home or living space can help you breathe better and alleviate the discomfort that comes with dry air. Consider a […]

How to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

As the weather gets colder, homeowners start to fear the possibility of frozen pipes. Freezing and bursting pipes are expensive problems that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Not only do your pipes sustain damage, but there is also the chance of serious flooding and extensive property damage. These dangers are why understanding […]

Guide to Water Heaters

Whether you think about it very often or not, you use your water heater every day. When you do laundry, wash the dishes, or take a shower, your water heater is working hard behind the scenes. Although it’s an appliance that we frequently take for granted, it’s important to remember how essential a water heater […]

Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips

Between Halloween dress-up, hot chocolate and holiday cheer, fall and winter are two seasons that many people look forward to throughout the year. However, along with the shorter days and chilly breezes comes a heftier energy bill. While you want to keep yourself warm as the seasons change, you also want to ensure your bill […]

Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

When you cook with oil, grease and fats, it can be tempting to dispose of them by pouring them down the drain or rinsing your pan in the sink directly after cooking. Some people regularly pour their leftover grease into their sink without a second thought or wash out pans with cooking oil and other […]

Best Temperature for Sleep

Sleep is an essential function to keep our bodies strong and immune systems healthy. Continual lack of sleep can impair our thought process and even increase the risk for certain medical conditions. Without quality sleep, it becomes difficult to concentrate and process memories effectively.

UV Air Filtration for Your Home

Americans spend 90% of their time indoors where air pollutants — including mold, dander, chemicals, bacteria, smoke and dust — are two to five times more concentrated than outdoors. Extreme levels of pollutant concentration result from poor or nonexistent ventilation, cleaning agents and inadequately maintained HVAC systems. Clean air is critical at home and in […]

Why Is There a Burning Smell When I Turn on the Heat? 

When winter approaches and the temperatures start dropping, you’ll likely fire up your heating system for the first time in many months. While the feeling of warm air is enjoyable, it’s sometimes accompanied by a burning smell that can be strange or unpleasant. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to call the fire department, but […]