5 Things To Do Before Turning on the A/C

As Pennsylvania’s colder months come to a close, you’ll likely be making preparations around your home to get ready for the summertime.

As you uncover the flower beds, unpack the patio furniture and test out the lawnmower, you should also take the time to prepare your A/C unit for the heavy workload it’s expected to endure. The last thing you want to deal with is an air conditioner that blows hot air or doesn’t work consistently.

A variety of circumstances can cause those issues, but Zimmerman Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can offer some valuable prevention and maintenance advice that will help you in the long run.

Early Summer A/C Maintenance Tips: What Should You Do?

Before you flip the switch on your air conditioner, here are five A/C maintenance tips to help you prevent or identify any issues early on.

1. Check the Unit’s Condenser

Located outside of your home, the condenser plays a vital role in the heat exchange process, as it condenses the refrigerant and removes the heat from the air.

If you shield it for the winter, remove the covering. If you left it exposed, make sure the unit is clear of dirt and other debris by hosing down the coils. Dirty coils can drastically affect how the system operates, as they force it to work a lot harder. Not only will efficiency decrease, but multiple parts will wear down quicker. You should also remove any vegetation or objects within 18 inches of the condenser, as they could obstruct air flow. Check the insulation of the refrigerant lines, as well as the electrical systems.

2. Check the Air Filter

Like dirty coils, clogged air filters can bog down a unit’s efficiency and affect the temperature of the air — it can even result in internal freezing. People often overlook replacing the filter, but it’s usually an easy task. Follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure proper installation and replace filters as required.

3. Inspect Your Home’s Air Vents

If your ventilation system is blocked, it can cost you cool air and — even worse — valuable energy. Remove any furniture, clothes or toys that might be crowding the vents. You can also adjust the dampers on the vents to ensure every room in your home remains the desired temperature.

4. Prepare for Start-Up

Your air conditioner won’t do much good unless it can activate. Check the circuits and turn on the breaker or disconnect switch for the condenser. You can then turn your thermostat on and set it to your desired temperature, which should kick on the whole unit. Finally, check the condenser outside to see if its fan is running and sounds okay.

5. Schedule Maintenance

If you run across or experience anything irregular during your preparatory run-through, it’s wise to schedule an inspection with a trained technician as soon as possible. While there’s a lot you can do on your own, A/C units are still complicated pieces of technology that can suffer from an assortment of issues if not cared for properly. You should have your units maintenanced at least once every year to detect any problems quickly.

Trust Zimmerman for Early Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Don’t wait to schedule your air conditioner maintenance. By taking care of it in the early summer months, you can avoid being stuck without cool air on 95-degree days in July.

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