Common Winter Plumbing Problems

common plumbing problems winter

Plumbing problems can strike anytime, but there are certain problems we tend to be more prone to in the winter months. Between the cold weather and the fact that we spend more time indoors relying on our plumbing, it’s not surprising to run into a variety of winter plumbing issues. However, if you take proactive steps, you can avoid many of these plumbing issues, and with any luck, have a plumbing-problem-free winter.

Frozen Pipes

Naturally, if it gets cold enough, the water in your pipes can freeze, shutting down your plumbing entirely. Frozen pipes usually come when high water pressure meets freezing temperatures. If you’re getting lighter water flow from a usually high-pressure system and it’s very cold, your pipes may be starting to freeze.

Leaving your sink or bathtub faucet on just a little bit so that there is a slight flow can relieve some of the pressure and help avoid freezing. You can also purchase pipe insulation to wrap around your pipes to help keep them warm.

Water Heater Issues

Water heaters need to work harder during the winter, and so the chances of water heater failure are greater. Set your water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and try to control the amount of hot water you use in the winter months.

It can also be a very good idea to call an HVAC professional for water heater maintenance before winter begins. The maintenance technician can make sure all of the water heater parts are working properly and can identify any possible problem issues before winter strikes so that you don’t suddenly find yourself without hot water at the worst possible time.

Clogged Kitchen Drain

Many people find that the need for clogged kitchen drain repair increases in the winter months. This isn’t necessarily because of the cold, either. Rather, it’s because the holiday season brings dinners and parties, and with them, comes food and cooking grease — much of which can end up down the drain, clogging things up. Nothing can ruin a fun and festive holiday season like a clogged drain.

If you want to avoid that nasty drain clog, try to avoid pouring grease or oil down the drain. Throw large food particles in the trash, and make sure smaller ones end up in the garbage disposal. If you do end up with a drain clog, you are better off calling a trained plumbing expert than attempting to clear the clog yourself. Doing it yourself may make it worse, and it is usually only a temporary solution even if you are successful. Your best weapon is prevention, followed by calling in a professional.

Zimmerman Plumbing for Winter Plumbing and HVAC Problems in Pennsylvania

Despite your best efforts, you may still run into plumbing problems this winter that require the help of a trained professional. When that happens, you want a plumbing company you can trust to do the job right. If you are located in or around the Harrisburg area, Zimmerman Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has your water heater, drain repair and frozen pipe solutions for the winter months.

Whether you need a frozen pipe fix, a thorough drain cleaning or even a new water heater, we are prepared with the tools, reputation and skilled professionals to get the job done. Zimmerman Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the needs of Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and other local PA residents for years, and our reputation throughout the area for great customer service and quality work is well-known. For reliable plumbing and HVAC services this winter and year ‘round, call us at 717-697-3528 now.