Smart plumbing that can prevent serious damage

Everyday we depend on the plumbing running throughout our homes – it’s a necessity we usually take for granted. Probably because it works almost all the time, and most of the plumbing we don’t even see.  Of course, over time cracks and breaks will happen and rest assured it’s never pleasant. It could be a minor leak under a sink or gushing water from a water heater causing a huge mess! What if it could be stopped before it even happened, potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs?

For many of us, our water heaters are in our basement, out of site and out of mind. Although, many of these basements have been finished into additional living space. Water heaters can also be located in closets on the first or second floor. So, what’s stopping old faithful from blowing? Hopefully if it does, you have a shut-off valve installed and you are home to catch it before things get really messy. But what about when you are sleeping or are away at work? An automatic shut-off valve is capable of sensing water as soon as a leak is detected and can shut off the flow of water almost instantly. This can even go a step farther with some products that will alert your phone via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Automatic shut-off valves can be installed on virtually any pipe including your main water supply.

Conversely, when we have unwanted water infiltrating our homes, it’s critical to have proper drainage. Many times a sump pump is at the ready to push the water away from the foundation. Central PA has seen an increasing amount of rain water, a seemingly growing problem. Too often at Zimmerman Plumbing and Heating we see sump pumps fail when they are needed the most, causing more damage to finished spaces. A battery backup is step one, and a secondary battery backup is also available, but how about knowing there is a problem before it’s too late. Now smart alarms can be installed to alert you that your sump pump is malfunctioning. This early detection could provide you with enough time to have the sump pump fixed or prepare for the unwanted water.

Internet enabled devices are here to stay, and if you can prevent major damage to your home with an electronic device, well, that’s pretty smart. If you would like to find out more about leak detection and prevention give us a call at (717)697-3528 or email at