Because of your staffs’ customer focus and expertise, I feel very comfortable I made a great investment by choosing Zimmerman’s. Thank you so very much for providing the service, but more so, for cultivating a team that is so easy to work with.

The two of us have been customers of Zimmerman’s for nearly 30 years (two separate residences during this time). Our house sustained a lightning strike that ruined our chimney, messed with some electric, and zapped the “brain” of our boiler. 11 a.m. We called Zimmerman’s and got a tech to the house in less than 3 hours.

You guys are awesome. We have personally known Eric for years and we consider him to be a true family member in our home. He is like a fixture there. Your service team is Johnny on the spot all the time, every time. Every tech who comes through our doors is a family member, they take time to talk to us, and they are friendly, clean, and efficient. We trust you. We have shared chuckles over the years and ribbed team members in good nature, and honestly, it’s because they are part of us. Zimmerman is absolutely the ONLY service provider, including our INSURANCE company, that actually picked up the phone over the last 4 days since our lightning strike and DID SOMETHING for us, with no questions asked or excuses offered. You allocate your resources beautifully, and none of you have ever shared about how you guys struggle because you have been put out in any way. Someone just picks up a phone and stuff magically happens.

Please continue to be who you are. You guys have been our rock stars amongst the rubble, literally!!! We love your action orientation and your great nature.

Thank you, Zimmerman, for your outstanding service and affordable up front pricing. I cannot say enough how informative, friendly and patient everyone I’ve met has been. We have an annual contract with Zimmerman and I would not use another company! I would highly recommend Zimmerman for any plumbing or HVAC need!

We have used Zimmerman’s for many years now….we have always received quality service from them and they have always been friendly & professional! They have come out for a few “emergencies” over the years and have taken care of things quickly & efficiently!

Don’t know if you can find a better company to do business with!”

I really enjoy the comfort of having a service agreement and having someone come regularly to check my furnace and air conditioner. 13 years and still working- thank you.

We have Earnie doing all of our heating and plumbing since he started his business – he only employees the best. I have never had one bad experience – only good. Earnie is the most kind, generous, thoughtful person we know. There is not one business person that can beat his reputation. Thanks Earnie for helping us in the moment of need.

Zimmerman has been treating my elderly mom great through the years and if today’s visit is the norm, I see why she’s never had anything but good things to say!

As always we were very pleased with the service provided by the Zimmerman Company. The service was prompt and the employee very professional and friendly. Showed us the damage that needed to be repaired before he fixed it. Very satisfied.

We have been using Zimmerman’s for at least 15 years (probably more) and would not be using them now if we were not satisfied with your work.