Backup Generator Services in Harrisburg, PA

What do you normally do when you experience a power outage? If you’re like many other homeowners, you may light candles or make your way through your home using a flashlight, assuming the batteries are working. You may also refrain from opening your refrigerator and freezer with the hope they stay cold enough to preserve their contents.

While those actions may not be too annoying if a power outage only lasts an hour or two, they can get old quickly if the outage continues for the better part of a day, several days or even longer. You may want to consider installing a home backup generator to prevent an extended outage from disrupting your life and lifestyle.

Benefits of Having a Whole-House Emergency Generator

Plenty of things can interrupt the power supply to your home. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms can cause the power to go out, for example. Blown transformers and accidents can also disrupt your power supply.

When there’s a short- or long-term disruption to the power supply from your utility company, your home won’t be plunged into darkness if you have a whole-house emergency generator. An automatic backup generator sits outside your residence. The unit will be connected to a transfer switch located inside your home, making it easy for you to re-establish a power supply to your home if the power from your utility company gets cut off for any reason.

In addition to illuminating your home during a power outage, the backup generators we install in the greater Harrisburg area and throughout Central PA provide the following benefits:

  • Increased safety and security: According to the American Red Cross, whole-house backup generators are safer than portable alternatives. A whole-house backup generator can keep your home secure during an outage because it will supply your security system with ample power.
  • Integration: Unlike portable generators, whole-house emergency generators get integrated with your electrical system. You can even customize your setup to ensure critical appliances such as your refrigerator or HVAC system will continue to get power during an outage when you’re out of town.
  • Peace of mind: Many generators allow for remote access, meaning you can operate them when you’re away from home even when there’s a power outage. This capability can help you avoid frozen or busted pipes if the power goes out when it’s freezing outside. If you live with someone who relies on an electric medical device, you’ll rest easy knowing the person’s medical equipment will still work during an outage if you have a whole-house backup generator.
  • Convenience: You have to get a portable generator into position and hook it up when the power goes out, but a whole-house emergency generator is already installed and ready for immediate use whenever necessary.

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