Planned Home Maintenance Agreements in Harrisburg

Our Priority Customers enjoy peace of mind because they have opted to be a part of one or more of our many Planned Maintenance Agreements, or PMAs for short. PMAs are the best way to guarantee your equipment is operating properly year after year because our certified technicians will have done a thorough inspection and cleaning of your equipment. We have a maintenance agreement for practically any service we provide in order to increase the comfort, reliability and safety of your home’s systems.


  • Priority Service in the event of an emergency, we make sure your needs are met as quickly as possible.
  • Discountsa 15% discount on all other repair services, multi-unit discounts and multi-year discounts are available. In addition, there are no overtime rates.
  • Warranted – Many manufacturers require regular maintenance for the equipment to be warranted—our technicians are trained to ensure these standards are met.
  • Safe, Clean, and Reliable Proper maintenance ensures equipment lasts longer and is running safely, increasing comfort and reliability.
  • Energy Savings – clean appliances will run more efficiently, possibly lowering utility bills and preventing or minimizing costly repairs in the future.
  • Recommended – the U.S. Department of Energy and Energy Star® both highly recommend professional maintenance of HVAC systems.

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*Complimentary one year maintenance agreement with all installed heating or cooling systems. *

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