Water Conditioning and Filtration

Whether your water comes from a well or the city, it’s imperative that the water coming to your home is healthy for you, your family and your home. This is why we offer various options to guarantee you have the best possible water. At Zimmerman Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide upscale water filtration system services to property owners in the West Shore, Carlisle, Hershey and Greater Harrisburg area.

Clean flowing water is a right all people should enjoy, but that’s especially true in areas where the infrastructure exists. Don’t let failing parts and mismanaged maintenance leave you in the Dark Ages. Get your water services back up and running at a quality level your whole family will enjoy.

Worried about your water quality?  We can start by performing a water quality test to confirm the exact solution for your needs. Our product offerings are capable of removing unwanted chemicals or bacteria in your water as well as foul taste and bad odors. Our services also provide the added benefits of extending the life of your plumbing and water-using appliances along with ensuring you have healthier water!


The products and services we offer include:

  • Whole-house Water Filtration – Clear contaminants from your water line, improve the taste and smell of your water and create a safer home. Our filtration units can filter chemicals and bacteria from your water, as well as neutralize acids in the water supply and remove nasty tastes and odors. You’ll likely wind up drinking more water, too, which is a tremendous boost to your overall health. We also provide water filtration system maintenance to ensure your unit keeps working as long as possible.
  • Whole-house Water Conditioners – At Zimmerman, we install top-grade water softeners and provide ongoing home water conditioning maintenance. These units remove hardness, iron or correct pH and control odor from your water supply. They also give you additional benefits, like the cost savings that come with using less dish and laundry soap to the softer feeling of your hair after a bath or a shower.
  • Ultraviolet Purifiers – As with our line of air purifiers, our ultraviolet water purification products utilize UV lights to destroy contaminants found in the water. They kill bacteria and viruses as well as make your water clean and pure of unwanted substances. We use the latest tools available in providing home water system services, which is just one reason we’re the region’s favorite plumbing and HVAC repair company.
  • Drinking Water Systems – With solutions available at every budget level, these home water filtration services dramatically improve water quality, including reverse osmosis systems on a faucet-by-faucet basis. Attaching under the sink, they filter the water flowing from the home’s plumbing network to one particular spout.


At Zimmerman Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we go the extra mile to provide the care your home’s systems really need to stay in good working order. We are the leading water system maintenance contractor in the area, with 11 years of being voted the best in the business under our belt. Our customers appreciate the care we put into each service call and know the home water system filtration maintenance we perform is responsible for keeping their local water clear of contaminants in the long run.


Of all the plumbing and HVAC businesses in the area, few have the impressive warranties in place that we offer. The reason is simple. We trust in our services and in every product we sell to our customers. We proudly back our work with at least a one-year parts and labor warranty, reinforced by a 100% Money Back guarantee.
You can trust that Zimmerman will be there for you. From maintenance to repairs and more, we’re available 24/7, dedicated to solving all of your water quality problems in line with your budget and equipment.
Call us at (717) 697-3528 or email plumber@ezimmerman.com today to schedule a service or maintenance and find out how we can improve your water! Schedule you