How to Prevent Pipes From Freezing

As the weather gets colder, homeowners start to fear the possibility of frozen pipes. Freezing and bursting pipes are expensive problems that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Not only do your pipes sustain damage, but there is also the chance of serious flooding and extensive property damage. These dangers are why understanding how and why pipes freeze and what to do if they freeze is so important. Discover helpful tips for preventing frozen pipes below.

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Best Temperature for Sleep

Best Temperature for Sleep

Sleep is an essential function to keep our bodies strong and immune systems healthy. Continual lack of sleep can impair our thought process and even increase the risk for certain medical conditions. Without quality sleep, it becomes difficult to concentrate and process memories effectively.

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2022 Simply the Best

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Keeping Our Community Safe

Spring Chore Checklist

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Steps to keep you and your home protected

What steps do we take to keep your home and our community safe?

We’re hearing about the new Coronavirus or COVID-19 everywhere, so, we wanted to share with you our current and on-going measures to combat the spread of any viruses or germs. Also steps you can take to keep your home protected. As a whole, we should all take regular precautions, use common sense, and communicate to help protect ourselves and our families from any illness, including COVID-19. Read more

Flushmate II Recall

Flushmate II 501-B Recall # 19-012

Flushmate inside of toilet tank

Effective 10/18/18 the Flushmate II 501-B pressure assisted flushing system found in American Standard, Corona, Crane, Kohler, and Mansfield toilets has been found to burst causing damage and injury. This part should be replaced as soon as possible. Here’s how to identify the part and what to do if yours has been recalled. Read more

Mitsubishi Altios Heat Pump System Installation Near Harrisburg PA

Mitsubishi’s Altios heat pump system boasts amazing efficiencies and cold weather performance.  Read more

Retroactive Tax Credit

As part of the Bipartisan Tax Bill of 2018, equipment installed in 2017 may qualify for a tax credit. Read more