Attic Insulation Services in Harrisburg, PA

Attic Insulation and Air Sealing

Air Sealing an Attic

Many Central PA homes lose a lot of heat in the winter and gain heat in the summer through the ceiling. Any penetration from the living space to the attic should be sealed to prevent this energy loss. Major contributors include whole-house fans, attic hatches, and any venting or ‘can’ light protruding into the attic.  This process not only improves your homes energy efficiency, saving money in the long-run but it also improves indoor air quality. Air sealing is an excellent first step to providing better insulation to an attic. Our comfort consultants are happy to bring the necessary tools to assess your homes energy efficiency during a consultation.

Blown-in Attic Insulation

A great amount of heat loss and heat gain in a home is through its roof, which puts additional strain on your heating and cooling system. Many homes in the Greater Harrisburg area would greatly benefit from both air sealing and adding more insulation to the attic spaces. According to Energy Star, Central Pennsylvania is in Zone 5 which means our attics should have an R-value of R-49 to R-60.

What Is R-Value?

R-value is a measure of how well a material can resist heat flow. The larger the R-value, the greater the ability to insulate.

US map showing recommended insulation levels for retrofitting existing wood-framed buildingsBlown-in attic insulation is one of the best return-on-investments a homeowner can make. Often local utility companies will offer rebates for adding attic insulation in addition to savings on monthly utility bills.

With this type of insulation, the material is blown into the attic in small chunks through a large hose. Fiberglass and cellulose are the types of installation typically used with this method. 

attic insulation services in the harrisburg pa area

Installation of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam expands 100 times its volume to fill cracks and crevices in a way that conventional insulation materials can’t. It won’t sag or compress over time because of its unique ability to provide a tight seal.

Spray foam includes two liquids that combine to create polyurethane foam. These liquids are usually mixed on site by trained technicians. 

At Zimmerman Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we can install the spray foam insulation to help keep your attic and home as energy-efficient as possible. 

Benefits of Adding Insulation to an Attic

If you’re considering adding insulation to your attic, don’t wait any longer. We provide the best attic insulation installation services to bring you a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Increased comfort in heating and cooling seasons
  • Less strain on HVAC equipment resulting in longer system life
  • Insulated attic ductwork reduces heat loss or gain of supplied conditioned air
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint

For the best attic insulation installation services, Zimmerman Pumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has the services you need. Click here for a free estimate on insulation or call us at (717) 697-3528 or email today to schedule a service or maintenance visit.

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