High Efficiency Gas Furnace & Air Conditioner Installation – Boiling Springs, PA

Town: Boiling Springs

Type of home: 2-Story Colonial

Existing System: Central air conditioner and gas furnace

The problem: The central air conditioner and gas furnace were not providing efficient cooling or heating to the home. With a first floor thermostat, the second floor and first floor temperature differences were uncomfortable. Additionally, some rooms on the second floor were receiving very little conditioned air. As with many 2-story homes in Central PA, inadequate ductwork is often the reason for air flow issues, not just the equipment

The solution: Fortunately in this home we were able to make modifications to the ductwork as well as add a zoning system to the ductwork.  The new system consists of a 2-stage high efficient gas furnace with a variable speed blower motor and a 2-stage air conditioning system.

The result: The variable speed blower helps with temperature splits by providing slower, more constant air flow. The staging of both the gas furnace and air conditioner allow the systems to run at a lower capacity providing higher efficiencies. Then by installing the zoning, the homeowner has complete control of the temperature on both floors and even the ability to control the first floor zone by their smart phone with a Wi-Fi thermostat. The home now has better airflow and more consistent temperature for better overall comfort and efficiency.