New Heat Pump Installation – Mechanicsburg, PA

Town: Mechanicsburg

Type of home: Interior town home

Existing System: heat pump located in a utility closet

The problem: The existing heat pump was costing the homeowner too much to run, especially in the winter. So much so that the homeowner would set the temperature lower than desired to help offset the exorbitant utility costs. The age of the system and continued repairs made it a clear candidate to be replaced.

The solution: A new heat pump was the only option, but we utilized a non-traditional heat pump system with an inverter driven compressor. These compressors are most commonly found in ductless heat pump systems. Inverter-driven compressors have the ability to vary operating capacity to provide superior efficiency, instead of a single stage that is either all-on or all-off. The indoor air handler also features a variable speed blower to provide more quiet operation in the utility closet, better efficiency, and overall increased comfort.

The result: The extremely efficient system has allowed the homeowner to set the thermostat warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without worrying about the cost of electric – see utility graphs. The system is much quieter, has decreased temperature differences between the first and second floors, and is overall much more comfortable.