Inverter Driven Heat Pump System – Mechanicsburg, PA

Town: Mechanicsburg

Type of home: 2-Story Colonial

Existing System: Central air conditioner and Oil Boiler

The Problem: The central air conditioning was old, inefficient, and did not effectively cool the entire home due to inadequate ductwork. The homeowner was also interested in a secondary heat source by utilizing a heat pump system for both cooling and additional heating.

The Solution: The oil boiler was left in place as a primary heat source especially for extra cold days. The air conditioning unit was replaced with an inverter driven heat pump system. The outdoor heat pump now provides heating and cooling to 4 indoor wall mount ductless air handlers with enough capacity to add an additional air handler to cover the sun room at a future date. All of the old ceiling supplies from the ductwork have been sealed.

The Result:  4 dedicated cooling and heating zones with ability to add a 5th

  • Better year-round airflow
  • A secondary heat source
  • Lower electric bills in the summer, less oil usage in the winter