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How to Ensure Your Home Has Good Water Quality

Quality drinking water is essential in your home. It’s something we all take for granted. And it’s not always obvious when your home’s drinking water goes bad. To help you gauge the quality of your drinking water, here’s a look at how to determine the quality of your water in the Harrisburg area, as well […]

The Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance

All homeowners understand that planned home maintenance is important. But it’s sometimes hard to break down the concept of planned home maintenance into actionable tasks that truly deliver great value. Your home’s plumbing system represents a huge investment — one that you want to get the best possible return out of.

The Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

The typically trust the air inside our homes. But indoor air quality can be an issue, even if you don’t notice that anything’s wrong. Are you sure the air inside your home is safe for you and your family to breathe? Here’s a look at how poor indoor air quality can impact your health and […]

FAQs About My Home’s HVAC Systems

You have questions about your HVAC, and Zimmerman has answers. Here’s a look at frequently asked questions related to HVAC replacement, repair and maintenance for residence of Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill and all of Central Pennsylvania:

The Basics of Water Heating in Central PA

Have you ever wondered how long does a water heater last, or is the water heater you currently have the best possible option, or what can be done to make sure the water heater doesn’t spring a leak in a newly finished basement?  We asked Chris Murk to give us the scoop on what every homeowner needs to know about water […]

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Heating System

You turn up the thermostat, and you expect your home heating system to kick out warm air, creating a toasty warm home for you and your family. What happens when the furnace, boiler, heat pumps or any heating system fails or can’t keep up? Besides feeling uncomfortably cold, furnace, boiler and heat pump problems can […]

Top Tips for Regular Planned Home Maintenance

Your home is the place where you and your family spend most of your time. This means your home faces a lot of wear and tear from continual use over the years. In order to keep your home in great shape and continue to enjoy it without incurring large repair costs, it’s a best practice […]