Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier in Central PA

This year’s increase of rain and high humidity levels have been wreaking havoc on basements, crawlspaces, and entire homes throughout Central PA. Even when the temperature feels cooler but the dew point is still high, opening windows to let fresh air in greatly increases the humidity in your home. So, why is humidity a concern and how do we remove the humidity from our home?

First, why is excess humidity bad for you and your Central PA home?

Humidity in your home should range between 30 to 60%. Excess humidity promotes mold and mildew growth; think about that musty smell in the basement. Indoor air-pollutants also increase when humidity is high, like off-gassing from furniture and building materials, while dust mites thrive in humid conditions. Furthermore, damage to your home and furniture from excess moisture is a possibility. Controlling indoor humidity allows for a healthier, more comfortable home. When the air feels more comfortable with a dehumidifier, the air conditioner does not have to be turned down so low to feel cooler, thus saving you on energy costs and relieving some additional strain on your air conditioner.

Benefits of controlling the humidity of your home:

  • Improved air quality results in better health
  • Protects home and furniture
  • Overall improved comfort of your home
  • Increase in energy savings

Portable Dehumidifier vs. Whole-home dehumidifier

You might say, ‘I already have a dehumidifier in my basement’ and that’s ok. A portable dehumidifier is going to provide that space with drier air, but it is going to have little if any bearing on any other living spaces. With that in mind they tend to be costly to operate for the little return. Often there is a bucket that regularly needs to be dumped and have an overall shorter lifespan because of frequent on/off cycling of the appliance.

Pros and Cons of a Whole-home dehumidifier



Superior humidity control throughout entire home Initial cost is higher
More energy efficient Installation can be difficult requiring a professional HVAC expert to install
Once set it can work automatically or through your thermostat / Wi-Fi capable Larger and heavier
Better air filtration  
Less regular maintenance and no water to dump  
Placement can be out-of-sight  
Longer lifespan and often with a better warranty  
Can be ducted to your existing HVAC system or to a separate room  

Freestanding whole-home dehumidifier with condensate drain and safety float switch

Freestanding whole-home dehumidifier partially ducted into the existing HVAC system


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